Webcams & Equipment & Smartboards

Technologies Available for Faculty at Dalton State:

  • Instructor Computers in most classrooms

  • DVD/CD players

  • Ceiling Projector

  • Clickers (Wireless available)

  • Faculty and Student Studio

  • Webcams (Available for check-out in library)

  • Digital Video Camera (Available for check-out in library)

  • Tripods (Available for check-out in library)

  • Microphones (Available for check-out in library)

  • Office 365

  • Each course has its own GeorgiaVIEW site

  • Video portal

  • 24/7 GeorgiaVIEW help from central Georgia at 1-855-772-0423

  • A web page/libguide for each course or for the instructor

  • Computer Labs

  • Epson Brightlink eInteractive Board

  • Smart Board (Brown Building)

  • Active Board (Brown Building)

Software and Programs

  • Screencastomatic [Record your computer screen and voice for instructor-created videos, limit length to 10 minute chunks]

  • Kahoot [Students use their phones or laptops to choose or post a response to instructor-created questions or prompts]