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How to Copy a Course into my other section (Note: Follow these steps in your empty course)

How to copy some items (pieces) from one Course to Another?

Weighted Grade book

How to release calculated final grade(running total)

» How do I locate my courses?

» How can I add other users to my course?

» How do I email my entire class, or individual students? – Updated!

» How do I view my course from the student view? – Updated!

» How can I re-order my courses on the dashboard?

» How do I Edit the Navigation Bar (Navbar)? – Updated!

» How can I upload a profile photo to my Brightspace account?

Working with the Classlist

» What is the table of contents?

» How do I upload my syllabus?

» How do I create modules and add content to them?

Video Introduction to “Lessons View”

» How do I move files or items around in my course?

» How do I insert stuff into my course? » How do I put a YouTube Video in a Content Module? – Updated!

» How do I make content unavailable to students? – New!

» How do I set Rules or Release Conditions to create a completion path?

Video Introduction to the Assignment Tool

» How do I create an assignment with the Assignment Tool?

» How can I create an assignment from the content module area?

» How do I associate an assignment with a grade item?

» Using the Annotation Tool**

» How can I download assignments?

» How do I grade and evaluate a student who has not submitted an assignment?

» How can I contact students who have not submitted an assignment?


» An Overview of TurnitIn Feedback Studio

» How to use the similarity report tools in TurnitIn

» How to provide feedback using TurnitIn /

Using the Feedback Studio/Documentation

» How do I use a rubric in the TurnitIn Feedback Studio

Video Introduction for Quizzes; 9 Step Quiz Overview – Updated!

» How do I create and deploy a test / quiz? – Updated!

» How do I associate my quiz to a Grade Item in my Gradebook? – Updated!

» How do I Establish Restrictions Such As: Dates, Time limits, Password, and Respondus Lockdown Browser – Updated!

» How do I Provide Special Access for Select Students? – Updated!

» How do Student see feedback upon Completion of the Quiz? – Updated!

Video Introduction

» Getting Started: How do I set up my gradebook?

» How do I create grade categories and items?

» Example of a Weighted Grade Book

Set up Bonus or Extra Credit

» How do I grade work using Brightspace?

» How do I release final grades to students?

» How do I associate an assignment with a grade item?

» How do I exclude a grade category or item from the final grade calculation?

» How do I create a rubric?

» How do I enter all grades for a specific Grade Item?

» How do I import a custom grade scheme that I’ve created? – New!

» How do I Export my Gradebook into Excel?

Student Progress

»Course Progress for Learners


» Understanding the Discussion tool – Document Updated!

Creating a Discussion

» How do I create groups in Brightspace? – Document Updated!


»Media on Brightspace


»Adding McGraw Hill link to your course:

» What is the e-Portfolio?

» Virtual Classroom Basics

» Brightspace Instructor Tutorial Videos

» Brightspace “Pulse” User Guide


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